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Bulk Baohuoside I Powder (cas 113558-15-9), aka Icariside-II or Icariin-II, a flavonoid in epimedium extract.

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    Product name Baohuoside I Bulk powder
    CAS number 113558-15-9
    Other names Icariside-II, Icariin-II
    Botanical source Epimedium koreanum Nakai, Epimedium brevicornu Maxim
    Molecular Formula C27H30O10
    Molecular Weight 514.527
    Specifications 98% min
    Appearance/color Light Yellow Powder
    Benefits CXCR4 inhibitor, anti-inflammatory, anti-osteoporosis

    What is Baohuoside I?

    Baohuoside is a rare natural flavonoid, mainly extracted from epimedium pubescens, epimedium grandiflorum, and other plants.

    Baohuoside I molecular structure

    Baohuoside I Benefits

    CXCR4 Inhibitor

    Baohuoside Ⅰ could reduce the regulation of CXCR4 chemokine receptor expression and inhibit cervical and breast cancer invasion.

    Baohuoside inhibits glioma cell growth through the mTOR apoptosis signal pathway. Baohuoside I can inhibit the proliferation of human glioma cells and induce apoptosis. Further studies showed that BSI significantly reduced the migration and invasion of glioma. The inhibition of Baohuoside I on glioma is achieved by inducing tumor cell apoptosis rather than autophagy.

    Extend the lifespan of C. Elegans

    Oral icariin is metabolized to icariside I and Baohuoside I. The researchers tested these three metabolites in C. elegans and found that icariin and icariside I had no effect on longevity. But Baohuoside I could cause a lifespan extension.


    Osteoporosis is commonly found in older people. It’s extremely harmful to our healthy life. And epimedium is a very traditional Chinese medicine used for immunity and bone health. But the active ingredients in epimedium are not so sure till now.

    A Chinese research group used a model analysis to find that Baohuoside I is more effective than Icariin in anti-osteoporosis.

    Baohuoside supplements

    Is there any dietary supplement with this ingredient on the market? At now, there is no supplement in the market. And the researches on it are still limited. Also, the pharmacological mechanism needs to be studied further.

    Baohuoside I Manufacturing Processing

    Baohuoside powders are derived from Epimedium koreanum Nakai or Epimedium brevicornu Maxim, a herbal plant native to China, Asia. The Baohuoside manufacturing process begins with the raw material from the Epimedium plant being crushed and then extracted with ethanol. The extracted liquid is filtered and concentrated before diluting with water and undergoing enzymatic hydrolysis. Afterward, the substance is washed and parsed into ethanol, followed by concentration, solvent extraction, solvent recovery, crystallization, suction filtration, and drying which ultimately produces the Baohuoside powder 98% in its final powder form. Careful attention must be paid to each step during Baohuoside processing as their particular function helps create a product that can effectively retain its health benefits throughout its shelf life when stored properly. Ultimately Baohuoside manufacturing yields an important supplement with a range of positive effects on an individual’s health when used correctly.

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