2021 Vitafoods Europe offline exhibition returns, a quick overview of global new raw materials, new products, and new carrier technologies

After nearly two years of interruption, the 2021 Vitafoods Europe offline exhibition officially returns. It will be held at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland from October 5 to 7. of interaction. At the same time, the Vitafoods Europe online exhibition was also launched at the same time. It is reported that this online and offline exhibition attracted 1,000 companies to participate, including raw material vendors, brand vendors, ODM, OEM, equipment services, etc.
After more than 20 years of development, Vitafoods Europe has grown into the trend and vane of the health and nutrition and functional food industry in Europe and even the world. Judging from the products launched by participating companies this year, segmentation trends such as cognitive health, weight management, stress relief & sleep, immune health, and joint health are all key trends in the post-epidemic era. The following are some of the new products in this exhibition.

1.Syloid XDPF patented food grade silica

American WR Grace & Co company launched a patented food-grade silica called Syloid XDPF. According to the company, Syloid XDPF enables manufacturers to achieve higher mixing uniformity compared to traditional mixing methods, enabling handling and downstream processing without the need for solvents. This new carrier solution helps supplement and food developers to convert liquid, waxy or oily active ingredients (such as Omega-3 fatty acids and plant extracts) into free-flowing powders, helping to overcome these challenges Sexual ingredients are used in other dosage forms besides traditional liquid or soft capsules, including hard capsules, tablets, sticks, and sachets.

2.Cyperus rotundus Extract

Sabinsa of the United States has launched a new herbal ingredient Ciprusins, which is extracted from the root of Cyperus rotundus and contains 5% standardized Stilbenes. Cyperus rotundus is the dry rhizome of Cyperus sedge. It is mostly found on hillside grassland or wetlands by waterside. It is distributed in vast areas of China. It is also an important herbal medicine. There are relatively few companies developing Cyperus rotundus extract in China.

3.Organic Spirulina powder

Portugal Allmicroalgae launched an organic spirulina product portfolio, including paste, powder, granular and flakes, all derived from the microalga species Arthrospira platensis. These ingredients have a milder taste and can be used in foods such as baked goods, pasta, juices, smoothies and fermented beverages, as well as ingredients for ice cream, yogurt, salads and cheese.
Spirulina is suitable for the vegetarian product market and is rich in plant protein, dietary fiber, essential amino acids, phycocyanin, vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids. AlliedMarket Research data pointed out that from 2020 to 2027, the global spirulina market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%.

4.High biological lycopene complex

Cambridge Nutraceuticals of the United Kingdom has launched a high bioavailability lycopene complex LactoLycopene. The raw material is a patented combination of lycopene and whey protein. High bioavailability means that more of it is absorbed into the body. Currently, Cambridge University NHS Hospital and Sheffield University NHS Hospital have carried out a number of scientific researches and published them.

5.Combination of propolis extract

Disproquima S.A. of Spain launched a unique combination of propolis extract (M.E.D. propolis), Manuka honey and Manuka essence. The combination of these natural ingredients and M.E.D. technology forms FLAVOXALE®, a water-soluble, free-flowing powder suitable for solid and liquid food formulations.

6.Small molecule fucoidan

China Ocean Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Hi-Q) in Taiwan has launched a raw material called FucoSkin®, which is a natural active ingredient containing low molecular weight fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed. It contains more than 20% water-soluble polysaccharides, and the product form is light yellow liquid, which can be used in eye creams, essences, facial masks and other formula products.

7.Probiotics compound products

Italy ROELMI HPC srl launched a new ingredient called KeepCalm & enjoyyourself probiotics, which is a combination of LR-PBS072 and BB-BB077 probiotics, rich in theanine, B vitamins and magnesium. Application scenarios include college students during exams, white-collar workers facing work pressure, and women after childbirth. RoelmiHPC is a partner company dedicated to driving innovation in the health and personal care markets.

8.Dietary supplement in the form of jam

Officina Farmaceutica Italiana Spa (OFI) in Italy has launched a dietary supplement in the form of jam. This product is based on strawberry and blueberry jam, contains Robuvit® French oak extract, and contains natural polyphenols. At the same time, the product formula contains nutritional products such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and selenium.

9.Liposome Vitamin C

Martinez Nieto S.A. of Spain launched VIT-C 1000 Liposomal, a single-dose drinkable vial containing 1,000 mg of liposomal vitamin C. Compared with standard supplements, liposomal vitamin C has higher stability and good bioavailability than traditional formulas. At the same time, the product has a pleasant orange flavor and is convenient, simple and fast to use.

10.OlioVita® Protect food supplement

Spain Vitae Health Innovation launched a product called OlioVita®Protect. The product formula is of natural origin and contains grapefruit, rosemary extract, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin D. It is a synergistic food supplement.

11.Probiotics compound products

Italy Truffini & Regge’ Farmaceutici Srl launched a product called Probiositive, which is a patented food supplement in stick packaging based on the combination of SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) with probiotics and B vitamins. The special formula combined with innovative technology makes it a product of interest in the field of gut-brain axis.

12.Elderberry + Vitamin C + Spirulina Compound Product

British Natures Aid Ltd launched a Wild Earth Immune composite product, which belongs to the earth-friendly, environmentally friendly and sustainable vitamin and supplement series. The main ingredients in the formula are vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc, as well as a mixture of natural ingredients, including elderberry, organic spirulina, organic ganoderma and shiitake mushrooms. It is also a 2021 NutraIngredients Award finalist.

13.Probiotic products for women

SAI Probiotics LLC of the United States has launched a SAIPro Femme probiotic product. The formula contains eight probiotic strains, two prebiotics including curcumin and cranberry. 20 billion CFU per dose, non-GMO, natural, gluten, dairy and soy-free. Packaged in delayed-release vegetarian capsules, it can survive gastric acid. At the same time, the bottle lined with desiccant can provide a longer shelf life at room temperature.

Post time: Oct-09-2021