Want to boost your mood? Here are 7 foods that can help

BERKLEY, Mich. (WXYZ) — Sure, the dreary winter days and cold temps could have you craving certain foods, but some are better for you than others.

Renee Jacobs of Southfield is also a fan of pizza, but she also has a favorite sweet treat, “Ooo, anything chocolate,” she said.

But if you really want to lift your spirits, Holistic health coach Jaclyn Renee says there are seven foods that can boost your mood.

“Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is really great for reducing stress and inflammation in the body. It’s an antioxidant,” said Renee.

And a little goes a long way when it comes to Brazil nuts. A serving size is only one-to-two nuts a day.

“It’s really high in Omegas [fatty acids] – our Omega-3s, 6s, and 12s. Those are best for brain health and cognitive function. So, [it’s] really great for boosting your mood…less brain fog. You hear people talk about brain fog all the time. Fish is great for combating that [and helping with] good cognitive health,” Renee explained.

“They’re really rich in potassium – good for reducing stress, great for the body. I love to have a handful of those a day,” said Renee.

She said pepitas are also a wonderful source of zinc which supports healthy progesterone production. They’re also are high in vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that helps repair damaged cells.

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years – and it’s long been touted as a beneficial nutritional supplement.

“The active ingredient in turmeric is cucumin. So, this is really great for reducing inflammation,” said Renee.

“Not any lean meat,” said Renee. “It’s specifically ground turkey because it has the amino acid tryptophan in it.”

The body changes tryptophan into a brain chemical called serotonin which helps control mood and improve sleep. Who doesn’t want a little help winding down and getting some good shut-eye?!

She likes to buy mango in the frozen food section. She likes to eat the cubed pieces semi-thawed as a sweet treat after dinner before she goes to bed.

“Mango has two very important vitamins. One is vitamin B – which is great for energy and boosting mood. But it also has bioactive magnesium. So, a lot of people take magnesium before bed to calm their body and their brain,” she explained.

“[Swiss chard] has many benefits. Specifically, just like mango, it has magnesium, which is very calming for the central nervous system. You can have it with dinner. But it’s also very good for digestion because we have that good fiber going on,” said Renee.

It also is an excellent source of potassium, calcium and minerals that help maintain good blood pressure range.

Bottom line, Jaclyn Renee said you don’t have to get every one of these healthy foods into your diet in one day.

If that seems like too much for you, she suggests you try to incorporate two or three of them into your weekly diet. Then see if you can add a few more over time.

Post time: May-05-2020