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Pantethine is a derivative form of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid); People widely use it in dietary supplements and API.

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    Product Name Pantethine powder, liquid
    Synonyms D-Pantethine, Pantosin, pantesin
    CAS Number 16816-67-4
    Molecular Formula C22H42N4O8S2
    Molecular Weight 554.72 g/mol
    Specifications 50% powder;80% liquid
    Appearance/Color Fine white powder or Clear liquid
    Benefits Lower cholesterol and triglycerides; Support adrenal and hormonal health, etc
    Applications Used in pharmaceutical API, food additives, beverages, dietary Supplement, etc.
    Recommend Dosage Daily intake 500-1000 mg
    Package 25kg/drum
    Storage Condition Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight, below 8℃.

    What is pantethine?

    Pantethine is a derivative form of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid); People widely use it in dietary supplements and API.

    You can see the structure comparison with pantetheine and pantothenic acid as below:

    Pantethine structure comparison with pantetheine and pantothenic acid

    The earliest studies of pantethine could be dated back to 1940s, Willam, etc. scholars found it was a growth factor in Lactobacillus bulgaricus. In 1966, Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co Ltd developed out pantethine, so far pantethine has been used in food and medicine with over 50 years’ history.

    Pantethine also has other names such as Bis-pantethine, Co-enzyme pantethine, etc.

    What is the manufacturing process of pantethine?

    Pantethine is produced by synthetic technology, with D-Calcium Pantothenate and Cystamine as starting raw materials.

    Manufacturing flow chart of Pantethine

    What specifications do you have?

    There are two regular forms Pantethine 50% powder and Pantethine 80% liquid.

    The 50% powder specification consists of pantethine, colloidal silicon dioxide, and microcrystalline cellulose. Manufacturers work it out with 80% pantethine liquid. You can use this specification for tablets and capsules.

    Pantethine Powder

    The Pantethine 80% liquid is a colorless water solution of pantethine. You can make it into softgel form.

    Pantethine 80% liquid

    Pantethine VS Pantothenic acid

    • Pantothenic acid is not stable under heat, acid, and alkali, in contrast, pantethine is stable
    • Though pantothenic acid exists in food, it is hard to be absorbed and processed by the human body; in contrast, pantethine is easier to be utilized.
    • Pantethine is more active than Pantothenic acid. It can stay in the human body for a longer time because it is insoluble in water.

    What are the benefits of pantethine?

    Lower cholesterol and triglycerides

    Multiple clinical trials prove that pantethine can lower LDL cholesterol level and raise HDL cholesterol level, finally maintain cholesterol balance. One American study on 32 adults discloses that the pantethine supplement reduces LDL cholesterol by 11%, while the cholesterol of placebo group increases by 3%.

    Support adrenal and hormonal health

    The deficiency of pantothenic acid leads to adrenal atrophy, which would increase stress, fatigue and sleep disturbances. Pantethine can stimulate adrenal cells to secrete progesterone and corticosterone to relieve the symptoms.

    Improve energy

    Pantethine is a critical factor of Coenzyme A, which involves a series of enzymatic reactions. Pantethine can activate Coenzyme A to facilitate the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates finally promote energy production. Consequently, it can improve athletic performance.

    Facilitate cardiovascular health

    Pantethine is good for circulatory health, can reduce cardiovascular risk.

    What pantethine supplements do you know?

    Pantethine is one popular ingredient with a long history. There are many reputed brands sold on Amazon, including Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Protocol, Douglas Laboratories and Jarrow Formulas.

    Are there side effects for pantethine?

    Pantethine is a naturally occurring compound with negligible side effects. According to animal experiments on mice, there are no genotoxic, carcinogenic or developmental toxicity on mice under doses 600mg/kg BW/day.

    What is the dosage of pantethine?

    In America, pantethine is in dietary supplements with dosage 500-1000mg/day. For example, Jarrow Formulas uses pantethine for softgel with dosage 450mg/day with a meal, while Pure Encapsulations design their formula with dosage 1000mg/day with a meal.

    pantethine supplements with 450mg dosagePure Encapsulations pantethine supplement dosage at 1000mg per day

    In European dietary supplements, the dosage of pantethine is only up to 10mg/day, formulated with multivitamin or vitamin B complex.


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