Reishi Mushroom Extract

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Reishi Mushroom Extract is one of the most valued plants in the Chinese pharmacopoeia. It is also known as Renshi, has shown in recent studies to be helpful for heart health, including normal cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulatory system support.

Reishi Mushroom Extract contains a high amount of polysaccharides, which are essential for proper functioning of the immune system.

Reishi Mushroom Extract is used as a tonic and a sedative. According to traditional Chinese medicine, reishi was thought to “mend the heart.” Reishi is a cardio tonic that supports normal blood and oxygen flow to the heart.

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    Product Name: Ganoderma extract ,Ganoderma lucidum extract, reishi extract,reishi spore powder

    Latin Name: Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss.ex FR.) Karst.

    Appearance: Brown fine powder, 100% purity mushroom, Characteristic

    Extract solvent: Water/Alcohol

    Part of Extraction: Fruit body/ Mycelium

    Specification: Polysaccharides 10%,30%,50%,

    Ratio 5:1,10:1,20:1, 30:1

    GMO Status:GMO Free

    Packing: in 25kgs fiber drums

    Storage:Keep container unopened in cool, dry place,Keep away from strong light

    Shelf Life:24 months from date of production



    1.Increasing disease resistance and normalize bodily functions.

    2.Enhancing immune system function.

    3.Anti-tumor,protect liver.

    4.Activated heart and blood vessel functions,anti-aging, anti-nerve weakness,treat high blood pressure,treat diabetes.

    5.Treating chronic bronchitis and bronchia asthma,anti-hypersusceptibility and beautify.

    6.Prolong life and anti-aging, improve the skin health care

    7.Anti-radiation, inhibit tumor growth, prevent postoperative recurrence of cancers, reduce side-effects during chemotherapy or radiotherapy, such as mitigate the pains,suppress hair loss, etc.



    1. Reishi Mushroom Extract has significant anti-tumor and immune stimulating effect, there are other immune function and antioxidant properties.

    2. Reishi Mushroom Extract May modulate the immune system of many components, some of which were considered to have significant anti-tumor features, also as an active anti-HIV substances.

    3. Reishi Mushroom Extract can Reduce high blood pressure, may improve cardiovascular health, with strong characteristics of anti-liver toxins.

    4. Reishi Mushroom Extract is used to be effective for the treatment of neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, rheumatism, to improve the immune system. Anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging effect.


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