Nanjing Tong Rui Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. referred to as TRB, has been focusing on natural extracts more than 20 years, TRB is a technology-based company that combines R&D, production and international market sales. TRB products include the plant extracts, animal extracts, sweeteners, nootropics, fruit juice and vegetable powders, essential oils and nutrition supplements. TRB وٽ ھن وقت twoه فيڪٽريون آھن ، ھڪڙي ھڪڙي خالص قدرتي plantوٽي ڪ extractڻ واري فيڪٽري ، otherيو آھي ھڪڙو مکڻ جي پيداوار جو ڪارخانو ، ۽ اسان وٽ آھن سرٽيفڪيٽ جو ھڪڙو سلسلو جيئن ISO9001 ، ISO22000 ، HACCP ، ORGANICAL ، FDA ، HALAL ، KOSHER.



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