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Fisetin, or called 3,3′,4′,7-tetrahydroxyflavonoid, is an active ingredient from a plant extract, such as Rhus Succedanea, Continus Coggygria, or Wax Tree Extract. it has been in the spotlight most recently for its senolytic potential.

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    Bulk Fisetin Powder

    Product Name Fisetin bulk powder
    IUPAC name 2-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)-3,7-dihydroxychromen-4-one
    Synonyms 3,3′,4′,7-tetrahydroxyflavonoid, Cotinin (not to be confused with Cotinine), 7,3′,4′-flavon-3-ol, 5-Deoxyquercetin, Superfustel, Fisetholz, Fietin, Fustel, Fustet, Smoketree extract, wax tree extract, Rhus Succedanea Extract
    CAS Number 528-48-3
    Molecular Formula C15H10O6
    Molecular Weight 286.2363
    Botanical Source Cotinus coggygria
    Specification 10%-98% Fisetin
    Appearance brown-yellow to light yellow
    Functions Longevity, brain health

    Fisetin Sources

    Fruits and vegetable sources

    Fisetin is a natural polyphenolic flavonol which exists in many fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries(16mg),apples(3mg),persimmons(1mg),onions(0.4mg),grapes(0.3mg),kiwi(0.2mg),cucumbers(0.01mg), peaches(0.06mg) etc.

    Plant sources

    You can find fisetin in a wide variety of plants, naturally extracted from Rhus succedanea. L or wax tree(Toxicodendron succedaneumor Smoketree (Cotinus coggygria scop.) except fruit and vegetables.

    Fisetin bioavailability

    Due to poor water solubility and high lipophilicity, fisetin has low oral bioavailability, which limits its further development and clinical application, therefore, high-availability forms of fisetin will bring great promise. Liposomal fisetin powder is popular among our clients in the United States and Europe.

    Fisetin Benefits

    Fisetin extends longevity

    Fisetin’s ability to activate the AMPK pathway, combined with its other biochemical properties, enables this substance to have a senescent cell removal ability comparable to the current mainstream Senolytics drugs (a class of experimental drugs that can target and remove senescent cells).

    —-From the Department of Respiratory and Critical care medicine, west China hospital team

    Fisetin reduced senescence in a subset of cells in murine and human adipose tissue, demonstrating cell-type specificity. Administration of fisetin to wild-type mice late in life restored tissue homeostasis, reduced age-related pathology, and extended median and maximum lifespan.

      –From Matthew J Yousefzadeh

    Fisetin anticancer

    Fisetin, a polyphenol with pleiotropic pharmacological properties, has been used to inhibit various stages of cancer cells (proliferation, invasion), arrest cell cycle progression, inhibit cell growth, induce apoptosis, induce polymerase ( PARP) cleaves, and regulate the expression of Bcl-2 family proteins in different cancer cell lines (HT-29, U266, MDA-MB-231, BT549, and PC-3M-luc-6). In addition, fisetin inhibited the activation of PKCα/ROS/ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK signaling pathways, decreased NFNF-κB activation, and down-regulated the level of the oncoprotein securin. Fisetin also inhibits cell division, proliferation, and invasion, and reduces TET1 expression levels.

    Fisetin inhibits cancer cell stages, arrests the progression of the cell cycle and cell growth, and induces apoptosis, showing promising anticancer activity in cancer.

    Fisetin Improve brain Health

    Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of fisetin, as well as its effects on regulated cell death-oxygen/ferroptosis pathways, the gut microbiome, and its senescence activity, demonstrate that it modulates a large number of pathways associated with brain dysfunction The ability to effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic) and traumatic brain injury in preclinical models.

    Fisetin applications

    Because of its various pharmacological properties, the bioactive flavonol molecule Fisetin demands an increase in dietary supplements, it can combinate many ingredients.


    Fisetin and quercetin have a similar molecule structure, their potential for biological activity has been established, particularly in regulating a range of cancer signaling pathways. The combined formula promotes cellular health, longevity, healthy aging, improves cognition, and protects cells from stress-related damage.

    Fisetin+ resveratrol+NMN Formula

    Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), NAD boosters, has beneficial effects on diseases and symptoms of aging. Fisetin seems to be the most potent natural senolytic (R). Resveratrol, the famous anti-aging substance, the combination of the three will become a powerful anti-aging artifact.

    Fisetin+ glutathione Formula

    Glutathione is the body’s “master antioxidant” and detoxifier for every cell in the body, while Fisetin acts as an antioxidant that increases GSH and helps maintain mitochondrial function in the presence of oxidative stress.


    The brand Bio-Fisetin from Life-extension, combinate with galactomannans isolated from herb fenugreek, greatly improved its bioavailability.

    fisetin fenugreek formula


    the natural polyamine spermidine powder extracted from the wheat germ(Triticum aestivum L) has remarkable benefits to health and longevity. Fisetin+Spermidine supplement stack opens a new avenue in the protection and restoration of memory abilities at a higher age.

    Fisetin Manufacturing Process

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