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What is Dihydroberberine used for?Maintain healthy blood glucose in the normal range* Promote healthy cholesterol & lipid metabolism* Support blood vessel health*

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    Product name: Dihydroberberine Bulk Powder
    CAS Number: 483-15-8
    Molecular formula: C20H19NO4
    Molecular weight: 337.37 g/mol
    Specifications: 98%, 99%
    Synonyms: Dihydroumbellatine; 7,8-Dihydroberberine; Dihydroumbellatine; Berberine, dihydro-; 9,10-Dimethoxy-2,3-(methylenedioxy)-13,13a-didehydrob; Glucovantage; dhb berberine; Dihydroberberine SR; dihydroberberine hydrochloride; dihydroberberine sulfate; NSC331264;
    Appearance: Yellow powder
    Solubility: Slightly soluble in water (50mg/L).
    Melting point: 223~224 °C
    Benefits: Lipid Metabolism/Cardiovascular Health/Glucose Balance/Healthy Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Support/Inflammation/AMPk Activation
    Applications: Dietary supplements, and Medicine
    Recommended dosage: 200mg~400mg per day

    Dihydroberberine, a metabolite of berberine, is a highly bioavailable form of berberine. Research indicates that dihydroberberine powder is up to six times more effective than standard berberine, which means incredible effects at lower doses, and with fewer side effects.

    Dihydroberberine Sources

    Dihydroberberine as a metabolite of berberine is a better blood sugar supplement because dihydroberberine is more bioavailable, requires lower doses, lasts longer, And thus causes less GI trouble. Regarding the source of Dihydroberberine, we can find it in plants such as Chelidonium, Corydalis, Phellodendri Chinese Cortex, Mahonia, and Daemonorops margaritae (Hance) Becc. Here is the Dihydroberberine structure:

    Chemical structure of Dihydroberberine

    How does Dihydroberberine work?

    Berberine is a bioactive plant derivative, which belongs to a class of compounds called alkaloids. Dihydroberberine is one of the 17 active metabolites of berberine. It is produced naturally in the body through the reduction process after berberine is ingested by intestinal microorganisms. After being absorbed by the intestine, Dihydroberberine is then converted back to berberine. Support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity may have synergy with exogenous ketone.

    How does Dihydroberberine work

    Dihydroberberine vs Berberine HCL

    The researchers attribute the excellent absorption rate of Dihydroberberine to two key pathways:

    In pathway 1, berberine is slowly absorbed, but a carrier protein (P-glycoprotein) transports some of it to the ileum. In pathway 2, intestinal bacteria that produce nitroreductase (NTR) can convert berberine to a more easily absorbed form of Dihydroberberine. However, this pathway is limited in people who lack a sufficient number of intestinal bacteria that produce NTR. Dihydroberberine overcomes these two absorption challenges. In a comparative study, it was found that the absorption rate was almost 5 times that of berberine. Once absorbed, Dihydroberberine would be rapidly oxidized into berberine in the blood.

    Berberine vs Dihydroberberine

    Why Dihydroberberine is better than berberine?

    1. Dihydroberberinebioavailability- Proven to be 5x more potent than regular berberine, “Puls Berberine” harnesses the power of Glucose Dominant Dihydroberberine to deliver 5x the bioactive benefits of regular berberine.
    2. 2x longer-lasting (8 hours vs 4 hours)
    3. Lower dosages (cost-effective)
    4. Fewer side effects
    5. Insulin effects of DHB against berberine
    6. Better results and fewer side effects at a lower dose
    7. Eliminate digestive upset that can occur with regular berberine

    Dihydroberberine vs Metformin

    Dihydroberberine activates AMPK by inhibiting mitochondrial respiratory complex I, and its mechanism is almost the same as that of Metformin. However, as a natural product, Dihydroberberine has become a rich resource for the development of new therapies for the treatment of a variety of human diseases. In China, berberine has been used as an OTC oral drug for the treatment of enteric infections and diarrhea with few side effects. Its potential in the treatment of human diabetes and dyslipidemia has been reported. Dihydroberberine, like an enhanced version of berberine, its efficacy will be more rapid and direct.

    A research institution in Australia conducted a comparative test on Metformin, Rosiglitazone Berberine, and Dihydroberberine to determine the relationship between the change of nucleotide level and cell respiratory inhibition by detecting the oxygen consumption in L6 myotube. The results showed that Rosiglitazone showed similar efficacy to Berberine, Dihydroberberine was the best, while Metformin was significantly reduced.

    Metformin, Rosiglitazone Berberine and Dihydroberberine

    Dihydroberberine Benefits

    Dihydroberberine provides targeted nutritional support for glucose balance, lipid metabolism, and cardiovascular health. The main effects are as follows:

    Healthy Blood Sugar

    When blood glucose and insulin levels rise, fat oxidation or fat burning decreases. Dihydroberberine acts by activating amp-activated protein kinase (AMPK), which helps to increase blood glucose decomposition and utilization, insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation, and inhibit adipocyte growth. In a study of 100 diabetic patients, daily 300mg of Dihydroberberine reduced fasting blood glucose by 20%, from 7 to 5.6 mmol/L (126 to 101 mg/dL) or from diabetes to normal level.

    Dihydroberberine for Health blood sugar

    The results of preclinical studies show that Dihydroberberine activates a key biochemical pathway – the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) pathway – which plays a role in tissue glucose absorption. Promotes healthy endothelial function, which is partly due to its ability to reduce oxidative stress. It helps maintain healthy blood glucose and lipid levels within the normal range while supporting vascular health. A powerful Dihydroberberine, as a natural antioxidant, can inhibit inflammation and help lower blood sugar.

    Support Weight Loss

    Dihydroberberine helps AMPk levels improve the effect of weight loss because it can support the intake of fatty acids and reduce blood sugar to maintain a healthy level. In the trial of HFD fed mice, treatment with Dihydroberberine (100mg/kg/day) significantly reduced obesity and improved glucose tolerance compared with HFD control. At the same dose, Berberine did not affect obesity or glucose tolerance, but the expected effect of Berberine was observed at the dose of 560mg/kg/day. This also shows that Dihydroberberine is far more effective than Berberine in weight loss.

    Loss weight Dihydroberberine

    Reduced inflammation

    Dihydroberberine has been shown to reduce cardiovascular inflammation. We all know that reducing plaque size and vulnerability to plaque rupture through a comprehensive diet and exercise program is the goal of preventing cardiovascular problems. A study on the efficacy of two hydrogen berberine in improving atherosclerosis has shown that in the in vitro study (in the test tube), the two hydrogen berberine groups inhibited the expression of macrophages and foam cells (early indicators of atherosclerosis).

    In an in vivo study (conducted in vivo), the researchers found that Dihydroberberine could reduce the size of main atherosclerotic lesions and improve plaque stability. However, the same dose of berberine has no same effect on atherosclerosis. The results of this study suggest that Dihydroberberine may have more obvious anti-inflammatory effects on cardiovascular health than berberine.

    Antioxidant support

    As a powerful antioxidant, Dihydroberberine also can be considered a wonderful anti-aging ingredient. In particular, the performance in restoring the body to cellular homeostasis is based on the pathway of activating AMPK (activated protein kinase) levels.

    Other Benefits

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) occurs when women have high levels of some androgens. People with PCOS usually have symptoms such as hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, and high cholesterol. Therefore, many doctors begin to use Dihydroberberine to treat PCOS and get some positive results. In addition, Dihydroberberine helps treat cancer by interfering with cancer progression and the typical life cycle. It may also play a role in killing cancer cells.

    Dihydroberberine Safety

    It may be safe for most adults. It has been used safely at a dose of up to 1.5 g per day for 6 months. In a study, the control test was carried out for each dose of 100mg, 200mg, and 500mg, three times a day (with an interval of 8 hours), during this study, safety parameters including renal and liver function, serum electrolyte, blood cell count and urine analysis were evaluated. All side effects were recorded in the case report of each patient, and no serious adverse events occurred.

    In the safety evaluation of its pharmacokinetics, no unsafe results have been found at present. However, users must consider their physical conditions to choose the appropriate dose.

    Dihydroberberine side effects

    Although no data are indicating that long-term use of Dihydroberberine will have any side effects, you must talk to and confirm with your doctor before taking Dihydroberberine, because it is not suitable for everyone, especially those who have allergic reactions to any herb source products. Because such people may have diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, and stomach discomfort.

    Dihydroberberine dosage

    At present, in the formula of Dihydroberberine on the market, the dosage each time is 100~200mg, three times a day, so the total recommended dosage of one day is 300mg~600mg.

    If you are taking other drugs or have other existing or possible health problems, please consult your doctor before considering whether you can use them. If you have diabetes or related diseases, please do not use it without a doctor’s advice, because Dihydroberberine may reduce blood sugar. Do not use it if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.

    Dihydroberberine Specifications

    We can find Dihydroberberine supplements on many shopping websites, such as Dihydroberberine capsules on Amazon. Like Genius brand dihydroberberine supplement, best dihydroberberine supplement. As the most mainstream specification in the market, Dihydroberberine 99% powder has the highest formulation applicability and usage rate. The other two forms of DHB are used almost exclusively in research and development pathways. Here is Cima’s Dihydroberberine 99% powder information:

    Package (1kg/bag, 25kg/drum)

    Shipment (by Courier like FedEx, UPS, by air, by sea)

    USA warehouse: IF you are in the USA, can offer to ship from our CA warehouse, so you don’t have to deal with any customs and FDA matters. At present, Cima Science only opens offices in the United States. Countries other than the United States need to consider the ability of customs clearance. Of course, if it is sent by FedEx and another express, they will act as customs agents until it is delivered to your door.

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