Longevity Labs Expands Spermidine Anti-Aging Benefits to the US Market

This week, Upgrade Labs announced that it will be selling its anti-aging nutritional supplement Spermidine LIFE at its regular US retail locations throughout California.
Daniel Dietz, CEO of Longevity Labs, said: “spermidineLIFE is of great interest to ‘biohackers’ because of its ability to trigger the body’s cell renewal process and autophagy, which has very promising implications for maintaining youth into old age.”
“Partnering with Upgrade Labs was a perfect match for our clients who are interested in achieving the highest level of rejuvenation.”​
permidineLIFE contains thiamine (vitamin B1) and zinc, and its main active ingredient is spermidine, an aliphatic polyamine compound found in ribosomes and living tissues and considered central to keeping cells young.
The Longevity Lab claims that spermidine, found in semen but present in trace amounts in almost all plants, provides the same benefits as fasting and autophagy, clearing cells of toxic substances.
SpermidineLIFE, which was launched in Europe in 2019, has been recognized as a new nutritional product by EFSA. After initial success in 2020, the product was named the Most Innovative Product at the Pharma Trend – Image and Innovation Awards and was awarded the German Innovation Award 2021 in May of this year.
Commenting on this latest agreement, Dave Asprey, CEO of Upgrade Labs, said: “I am delighted to offer Longevity Labs Sperm to LIFE as it helps the body use younger, healthier cells. Replace damaged cells with more cells. Rejuvenation is reality! “​ googletag.cmd.push(function () { googletag.display(‘text-ad1′); });
“Upgrade Labs uses cutting-edge technology to exponentially improve health at the cellular level. More energy and better looks start at the cellular level.”​
Asprey, who is also the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, added that SpermidineLIFE will be available to Upgrade Labs members at a huge discount. The product is also available in the US through a website launched in August 2020.
Founded in 2016, Longevity Labs, headquartered in Vienna, Austria with manufacturing facilities in Graz, Austria, also supplies LIFE Memory+ spermidine to consumers in the EU.
The product is said to contain zinc, which supports brain cell renewal and improves brain function and mental health with iron, thiamine (vitamin B1), saffron and brahmi.
The range is also expanding to Spermidine LIFE Immune, which combines spermidine with shiitake powder, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B1.
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Post time: Aug-29-2023