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Theacrine is shown to be stimulatory when used in higher doses, however, it can actually have a sedative effect when used in low doses such as the amount consumed through tea leaves of C. kucha

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    Product Name 1,3,7,9-Tetramethylpurine-2,6,8-trione
    Other Name 1,3,7,9-Tetramethyluric acid; Tetramethyl uric acid;Temurin ; Temorine; Tetramethyluric acid
    CAS Number 2309-49-1
    Molecular Formula C9H12N4O3
    Molecular Weight 224.22
    Appearance White Powder
    Specification 40%~99%
    Package 1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

    What is Theacrine?

    The full name of Theacrine powder is 1,3,7, 9-tetramethyluric acid. It is an alkaloid that is extracted from Kucha Leaves. Its molecular structure is similar to caffeine, except for one ketone group, and the methyl group at the 9-carbon. Theacrine works as a smart drug and improves brain performance.

    Kucha Tea

    Theacrine Sources

    Theacrine can be naturally extracted from the plant Kucha which belongs to Camellia sinensis var. Assamica. The extraction rate of natural Kucha leaf extract is low, so natural Theacrine powder from Kucha Tea is 30%~60%.

    Now, most Theacrine supplements on Amazon use synthetic Theacrine. It’s also the main source in the market since synthetic theacrine is non-toxic, safe, no pesticide residues, high assay, and purity. The popular specification is 99% Theacrine powder.

    Theacrine Specifications

    Except for Theacrine 99% powder, to meet some clients’ formula design requirements that theacrine can’t affect the functional beverage taste too much, we developed free bitter Theacrine powder. The free bitter theacrine specifications are Theacirne 40% and Theacrine 60%.

    Theacrine VS Caffeine

    Caffeine vs Theacrine

    Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound, also a stimulant. It can make your brain and nervous system work more efficiently. Caffeine also increases the circulation of chemicals like cortisol and epinephrine in the body. A small amount of caffeine will help you feel focused and refreshed.

    Product Name Caffeine
    Other Name 1,3, 7-trimethylxanthine
    CAS Number 58-08-2
    Molecular Formula C8H10N4O2
    Molecular Weight 194.19

    Caffeine is mainly found in the fruits and leaves of the coffee tree, tea tree, Paraguayan holly, and guarana. Small amounts of caffeine are also present in cocoa, cola nut, and tea substitute holly. The caffeine present in guarana is sometimes referred to as guaranaine, while what is contained in yerba mate is called matin, and the one in tea is named catechin.

    Many users report that theacrine provides smooth and sustained energy without the anxiety, insomnia, and excess cortisol that caffeine may cause.  Advantages associated with Theacrine are very obvious. Such as very little disrupted sleep, and no effect on blood pressure. Teacrine tolerance will not increase even in the long term. Moreover, theacrine has a longer half-life. A longer half-life means less dependency.

    Theacrine VS Theanine

    Theanine is an amino acid that occurs in green tea, black tea, and certain mushrooms. It comes in two forms: L-theanine and D-theanine. L-Theanine is the most common form, and as a nonprotein amino acid (AA), it has good solubility. Theanine affects our mood, sleep, dopamine, and stress-fighting cortisol.

    Product Name L-theanine
    Other Name N-ethyl-l-glutamic acid
    CAS Number 3081-61-6
    Molecular Formula C7H14N2O3
    Molecular Weight 174.20

    Compared with Theanine, based on users reviews, Theacrine functions more effectively and lasts a long time in increasing mental health. This means with the same dosage, Theacrine will get a much better effect. So most dietary supplement brands tend to choose Theacrine as a part of their nootropic formulas.

    Theacrine VS Dynamine (DYM)

    Dynamine™ is a patented brand of Methylliberine. Methylliberine is from caffeine and has a similar molecular structure to caffeine, so it comes from the same sources as caffeine does, for instance, kucha leaf, tea, guarana, cola nuts, yerba mate, cocoa, etc.

    According to Compound Solutions, they naturally extracted DYM from the kucha tea leaf.

    Product Name Dynamine
    Other Name Methylliberine, Caffeine Impurity 7, 2-methoxy-1,7,9 Tetramethyluric acid
    CAS Number 51168-26-4
    Molecular Formula C9H12N4O3
    Molecular Weight 224.22


    Contrasting Teacrine with Dynamine, Dynamine provides a faster and higher energy peak but lasts a very brief time. Theacrine performances gentler, more sustainable, and longer-lasting time in boosting cognition and supporting body energy. Theacrine has a long time half-life, so it is more suitable for us to take every day, especially when you need to deal with much-complicated work the whole day or avoid dragging. It can help you keep a good mood, have high concentration, and be full of energy.

    Theacrine combination

    Theacrine can combine with different substances to get multiple effects. For instance, coffee alternatives, nootropic stacks, or anti-aging formulas.

    • Theacrine + Dynamin
    • Theacrine + Alpha GPC
    • Theacrine + Quercetin
    • Theacrine+ Resveratrol+NMN
    • Theacrine Glutathione
    • Theacrine Fenugreek
    • Theacrine Olive oil
    • Liposomal Theacrine with quercetin

    Mechanism of Action

    How does Theacrine work? Theanine appears to have a similar effect on the brain to caffeine.

    Theacrine activates dopaminergic receptors D1 and D2, supporting increased dopamine production, which has been shown to produce more energy, improve mood, and provide greater mental focus and clarity.

    Mechanism of Action of Theacrine

    Theacrine Manufacturing Process

    The starting raw material of synthetic theacrine powder is dimetyluric acid.

    More flow chart is as below:

    Theacrine Manufacturing Process

    Theacrine Benefits

    • Bodybuilding (Pre-workout supplement)
    • Increase cognition (attention, memory, executive force)
    • Reduce inflammation and pain
    • Anti-anxiety
    • Lose Weight

    Safety of Theacrine

    Is theacrine safe? There are more and more theacrine supplements on the market although FDA hasn’t approved it for any condition. In an 8-week study of 60 healthy people, up to 300 mg/day of theanine was indicated safe. As early as 2016, Theacrine patent brand Teacrine received self-affirmed GRAS.

    Theacrine Side Effects

    Theacrine effects are similar to caffeine, but scientists found it had no side effects on blood pressure, heart rate, lipid profiles, or biomarkers of the liver and kidney that usually will be caused by long time caffeine intake.

    Theacrine Dosage

    In animal studies, Theacrine has two-stage dose responses, which means it works as a sedative at low doses while irritative properties at high doses.

    The recommended dosage is 100-300mg range every day, based on the state you hope to get.

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