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Syringae Cortex Extract is a composite product extracted from the Syringa reticulata, and its main ingredients are Eleutheroside b and Oleuropein. It has been used for years in China. It is usually used in traditional Chinese Medicine for phlegm, asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, and edema symptoms. It clears the lung, eliminates phlegm, relieves cough, relieves asthma, and promotes diuresis.

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    Product Name Syringae Cortex Extract powder
    Other Name Japanese lilac (syringa reticulata); Syringa reticulata amurensis; Syringa reticulata amurensis; Syringa reticulata (Bl.)Hara var.mandshurica (Maxim.) Hara
    Botanical Sources Syringae Cortex Bark
    Latin Name Syringa reticulata (Blume) Hara var. amurensis (Rupr.) Pringle
    Active ingredient Eleutheroside b, Oleuropein
    CAS No. 118-34-3, 32619-42-4
    Molecular Formula C17H24O9, C25H32O13
    Molecular Weight 372.37, 540.52
    Appearance Yellow-brown powder
    Water solubility insoluble (slightly soluble)
    Specification Eleutheroside b 5%+Oleuropein 20%; Eleutheroside b 8%+Oleuropein 35%; Eleutheroside b 10%; Eleutheroside b 98%;
    Benefits Anti-inflammatory, Anti Fatigue, As Antioxidant, Diabetes Health, and Immune Enhancement.
    Applications Dietary supplements, Medicine
    Recommended dosage 200mg~300mg per day

    What’s Syringae Cortex Extract?

    Syringae Cortex Extract is a composite product extracted from the Syringa reticulata, and its main ingredients are Eleutheroside b and Oleuropein. It has been used for years in China. It is usually used in traditional Chinese Medicine for phlegm, asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, and edema symptoms. It clears the lung, eliminates phlegm, relieves cough, relieves asthma, and promotes diuresis.

    For Eleutheroside b(EB): Eleutheroside is a group of different compounds isolated from the roots of Acanthopanax senticosus, commercially sold mainly in extracts. Eleutheroside B (syringin) are phenyl propyl glycosides that can be used as Chinese herbal preparations and dietary supplements of Eleutherococcus senticosus. Many studies have shown that syringin has various pharmacological properties, including anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and immunomodulatory effects.

    Eleutheroside b structure

    For Oleuropein: Oleuropein is a glycosylated secondary iridoid compound, which is a bitter phenolic compound existing in the green olive peel, pulp, seeds, and leaves. It is usually found in olives, but there is also a part of the syringae cortex about its existence, which undoubtedly provides syringae cortex extract with a more substantial effect. Olivalopein has many pharmacological properties, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus. For these reasons, it is a food supplement in Mediterranean countries.

    Oleuropein structure

    Syringae Cortex Extract Nutrition Information

    Up to now, about 70 compounds have been isolated and identified from the syringae cortex. Although it contains some traces of keto, cortisol, plant protein, caffeine, and alcohol, after extraction and production, Eleutheroside b, Oleuropein, piloside, isoarteoside, echinarin, and forsythiaside B are the main active components.

    The pharmacological mechanism of Syringae Cortex Extract

    Molecular pharmacological experiments show that the active component of the syringae cortex extracts its pharmacological effects in many ways, mainly through Nrf2/ARE pathway regulation to reduce oxidative stress injury and through MAPK and NF-kB pathway regulates inflammatory factors and induces apoptosis. As the two main components of syringae cortex extract, Eleutheroside b and Oleuropein have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective effects. Their safety and effectiveness have been confirmed in long-term traditional applications.

    Pharmacological mechanism of Syringae Cortex Extract

    Syringae Cortex Extract Manufacturing Process

    Each part of the Syringae Cortex (Syringa reticulata) tree has some effective costs, such as leaves, fruits, bark, etc. Considering the commercial value of mass production, we usually use bark as the raw material for extraction, and the content of effective ingredients and retail value is optimal.

    The production process extracted from the syringae cortex is also relatively mature. Generally, the raw materials are checked and selected. The preliminary extract was concentrated, dried, and crushed. After cleaning and drying, pure water and ethanol are used as extraction solvents in the extraction tank, and their practical components are concentrated in the extraction solution. After passing the inspection, packaging can be carried out to complete production.

    Syringae Cortex Extract Manufacturing Process

    Syringae Cortex Extract Benefits

    Syringae Cortex Extract has the function of anti-stress, anti-fatigue, antioxidant, anti-radiation, anti-gastric ulcer, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancement, immune regulation, anti-diabetes, and other effects. In addition, EB has a significant protective effect on neuroinflammatory atrophy and nerve cell death.


    The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains in many pathogenic microorganisms and consumers’ demand for organic food products led to the research on alternative methods to control microbial infection. In animal or in vitro research, supplementing various plant extracts has become a promising alternative to antibiotics.

    Different concentrations of EB were used to observe their effects on cell proliferation, intracellular proteins (ZO-1), transmembrane proteins (blocking proteins and claudin-3), expression of sion and proinflammatory cytokines (TNF-3)α, INF-γAnd IL-6) and anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL-10 and TGF-β) Concentration. The data showed that EB supplementation could increase tight junction protein expression, TEER value, and the synthesis of anti-inflammatory Tory cytokines. It showed that treating IPEC-J2 cells with EB increased the proliferation rate and decreased the concentration of inflammatory cytokines.

    Eleutheroside b and Anti-inflammatory

    Anti Fatigue

    It is generally believed that fatigue affects the energy metabolism of muscle activity, and the improvement of exercise endurance is the most critical strong macro performance of fatigue resistance enhancement. In one study, researchers chose to force swimming with weights, the test used to evaluate the degree of physical fatigue. The time from swimming to exhaustion indicates the degree of fatigue. For mental fatigue, 72 h sleep deprivation animal model and passive avoidance, exercise, and other behavioral tests were used. The results suggest that acanthopanax senticosus saponins can alleviate mental fatigue by improving memory decline and spontaneous activity.

    Syringae Cortex for Anti Fatigue

    As Antioxidant

    The human body continuously produces free radicals, which leads to oxidative stress. Although there is a natural antioxidant system in the human body, free radicals can lead to the oxidation of lipids, proteins, and DNA. These molecular-level injuries may affect the etiology of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and aging. A diet rich in antioxidants may have a protective effect on these diseases.

    In one study, DPPH * and DB-HPTLC tests were used to evaluate the antioxidant activity of EB. The results showed that EB showed a strong anti-DPPH * activity. The antioxidant mechanism of acanthopanax senticosus EB was based on the complexation of the DPPH * molecule with its aryl group. In this reaction process, aryl radicals of acanthopanax senticosus glycoside EB (E1B*) and DPPHH are produced. Next, the aryl group (EB *) is complex with another DPPH * molecule. In addition, the methoxy group in the aromatic ring can stabilize the aryl radical, thereby increasing its antioxidant effect.

    Diabetes Health

    In recent years, managing diabetes and its complications has become an essential clinical health issue. Dietary restriction, exercise, and oral hypoglycemic drugs are widely used to control blood glucose concentration as strictly as possible. In addition, herbal supplements and other alternative medicines for the treatment of diabetes are also gradually increasing.

    A study on the effect of syringin(EB) on the plasma glucose level of streptozotocin-induced diabetes rats (STZ diabetes rats): 30 minutes after intravenous injection of EB into fasted STZ diabetes rats, the plasma glucose level decreased in a dose-dependent manner. In normal rats, syringin(EB) significantly attenuated the increased plasma glucose induced by intravenous glucose stimulation. EB dose-dependently (0.01 to 10.0μMol/L) stimulated glucose uptake in soleus muscle isolated from STZ diabetes rats. Eugenin treatment of hepatocytes isolated from STZ diabetes rats enhanced glycogen synthesis. The ability of syringin to improve glucose utilization and reduce plasma glucose levels in rats with insulin deficiency indicates that this chemical can be used to treat human diabetes.

    syringin and Diabetes Health

    Syringae Cortex Extract Safety

    As a traditional Chinese medicine material, Syringae Cortex has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, and its safety has a great time base. With the development of modern science, there is more and more research on its effective ingredients. Currently, known research data show that all components are edible, safe, and effective, and no country or organization prohibits their use.

    Syringae Cortex Extract Side Effects

    Although Syringae Cortex Extract has not been defined as a drug or a new food resource (NDI) by any country, it has been used in the supplement market and traditional Chinese medicine field for many years. There is no report of any side effects. Only hypoglycemic patients need to pay attention to the monitoring of blood glucose when using it because it has the effect of lowering blood glucose.

    Syringae Cortex Extract Specifications

    As the quality standard of EB, according to the American Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia, the content of EB should be more excellent than 0.8% to work. Here are the specifications of Cima science:

    • Eleutheroside b 5%+Oleuropein 20% powder
    • Eleutheroside b 8%+Oleuropein 35% powder
    • Eleutheroside b 10% powder
    • Eleutheroside b 98% powder

    Syringae Cortex Extract Dosage

    At present, an organization has yet to stipulate the dosage of Syringae Cortex Extract. Still, in combination with the requirements of the European government and the American government for more than 0.8% of EB, As well as our current specifications on EB, taking Eleutheroside b 5%+Oleuropein 20% as an example, its recommended dose is 200mg~300mg per day.

    Syringae Cortex Extract Application

    As mentioned above, Syringae Cortex Extract has been used in Chinese Medicine for many years. In addition to the application of traditional Chinese Medicine, syringae cortex extract is usually labeled professional health products supplements(capsules, tablets, softgels, and flavored beverages) in the supplement market to achieve anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune enhancement, and other effects. Although it was administered in the form of injection in rat experiments, there is no use in the human body, and the current research stage does not seem to have developed into a human injection application.



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